A clean and simple Wiki for Slack teams.

Sliki is the perfect way to organize and store your Slack teams documents and access them from Slack.

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Lightning fast search

Sliki search feature allows you to search wiki documents from Slack without any effort or delay. Search from slack is advanced, lighting fast, ohh and yeah It corrects typos for you!

Categorization and Tagging

As your Company grows more complex you will need to efficiently categorize and tag your documents. Sliki allows you to do just that, making it easy to manage, see and search your documents.

Wiki Management

Upon registering your, you are given the option of creating Wiki's on your organizations subdomain. Every new Wiki you create will be a extension of your organization. They will have their own unique documents which are not accessible in other teams.

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step 1

Step 1 - Registration

Go to the Register page. Enter your organization name, chose the domain for your new Sliki organization.

step 2

Step 2 - Create Wiki's

After registration, you will be asked to create you first Wiki.

step 3

Step 3 - Manage Wiki's

After creating you first Wiki, you will be able to create multiple new Wiki's and manage them.